I would like to express my gratitude to all of the people who contributed to this project. What seemed like a simple task that I could do by myself turned into a collaboration that was influenced by a wide spectrum of people’s experiences and backgrounds.

I was fortunate to have known Ed and Dugie Freeman and to have spent of many long hours sharing countless conversations, learning experiences, and adventure through work, public service, and play with both of them.

The interviews were priceless opportunities to renew acquaintances, connect with new people, and learn more about the blue collar backbone of our country: Jim Adamek, Noble Adamek, Patty Adamek, Wayne Adams, Tony Allison, Sharon Bokowski, Ed Beck, Susie Bencek, Peter Buffington, Bev Burgess, Ted Burgess, Marion Burgraff, Helen Burns, Jim Burns, Chester Bushnell, Erling Carlson, Dennis Chesselet, Jeff Coxwell, Kent Crook, Bob Eder, Doug Elfving, Jon Englund, Ed Erb, Zip Fendrich, Bill Fleenor, Rod Forty, Ron Fox, Dugie Freeman, Charles Goldman, Dylan Huff, Mary Jacobs, Steve Kalina, Larry Kammer, Bud LeMieux, Dennis Mauricio, Bob McCarthy, Joe McCarthy, Michael McHenry, Jack Miller, Ed Monk Jr., Tom Nowlin, Wally Pereya, Jair Robinson, Barbara Scalzi, Tom Shindler, Paul Starkweather, Carl Sutter, Carl Swindahl, Jerry Thomas, Jim Turner, and Russell Wright.

Research was aided by Clay Feeter, Erik Adamonis, Warren Good, Yvonne Pettyjohn, Ed Kammer, Julie Woodman/Sause Brothers, Marvin Zuber, the Curry County Historical Society, Dewey Dishner, Sue Johnson, Valerie Havice, Rick Aubin, Bruce Cole, Penobscot Maritime Museum, National Fisherman Magazine, Doug Dixon, Keith Whittemore, Jim Meckley, Brent Johnson, Bill McNair, Shirley Freeman, Tom Phipps/Smith Berger Marine, Howard Moe, Jackie Pels, St. Augustine Lighthouse Museum, Mark Morris, Andrew Mund, Tom Neilson, Ron Dykes, Middle Creek Nation Battlefield Museum, New York City Public Library, the Library Of Congress, Mary Schamehorn, US Army Corps of Engineers, Ballard Historical Society, Puget Sound Maritime Museum, Seattle Municipal Archives, The Aluminum Association, American Bureau of Shipping, Tampa-Hillsborough County Library, ALS Association, Curry County Reporter/Matt Hall, Tahoe Environmental Research Center, Homer News, Kodiak Daily Mirror, Bureau of Ocean Energy, Coos History Museum, University of Washington Libraries, Newport Guin Library, and Peter Philips/Philips Publishing.

The how and why of authorship and publishing was patiently explained to me in a variety of ways by a random consortium of people including Bill Lansing, Larry Colton, Kay Jennings, John Strawn, Douglas Pfeiffer and Fred Sissine. Each of them provided insight into different disciplines and without their help this book would still be a haphazard collection of notes stuffed into cardboard boxes. All of the mistakes are mine, anything that works can be attributed to something they told me.

Claire Brown produced the cover from some random photos that I provided and turned it into a professional work – her skill at her trade is much appreciated.

Most importantly, Shelley Carpenter brought this story to life from a loosely formed idea to the structure of a book. This is her first book too. Her easy-going demeanor, flexibility, intelligence, and desire to be above average is reflected on every page.